After Institutions Drive Bitcoin To $8,000, Will Retail Investors FOMO in? - Wed 15 May 13:22 GMT

It isn't a secret that Bitcoin (BTC) has absolutely surged over the past six weeks. In that time period, the crypto asset rallied from a key resistance at

After Institutions Drive Bitcoin To $8,000, Will Retail Investors FOMO in?

  While such a move was covered incessantly by mainstream media outlets, little evidence indicated that consumers, who were likely still reeling in shock from Bitcoin’s $20,000 to $3,150 plunge, were taking notice.

  In a similar fashion, the Digital Currency Group’s subsidiary Grayscale was revealed Monday to have seen its flagship product, its Bitcoin Trust, post $141 million in volume today on markets.

  These include but are not limited to Fidelity’s Bitcoin trade execution service, Bakkt’s crypto futures, TD Ameritrade and E*Trade getting into the cryptocurrency game, and retail chains across the U.S. indirectly accepting cryptocurrency payments.

  According to Google Trends’ latest data, searches for “Bitcoin” in the U.S. have tripled over the past three weeks.

  Now that retail investors are confirmed to be finally be showing interest in cryptocurrency again, the market could theoretically see a secondary rally, whereas normal investors late to the party continue to throw money at Bitcoin.