Best Buy Saw the Smartphone Slowdown Coming - Motley Fool - Tue 8 Jan 11:16 GMT

Best Buy Saw the Smartphone Slowdown Coming - Motley Fool

The retailer has already taken steps to prepare for weaker smartphone demand.

  Consumer electronics retailer Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) would seem to be at risk, given that the company sells plenty of smartphones and Apple devices.

  But Best Buy wasn't blindsided by any of this -- the company made a move early last year to prepare for the smartphone slowdown.

  The company started opening these mobile stores before the original iPhone was launched, and they made sense in an era when smartphone sales growth was strong.

  Year-to-year smartphone improvements are no longer big enough to compel consumers to upgrade frequently, and Apple's strategy of pushing up prices probably isn't helping.

  Management will almost certainly discuss the challenges around the smartphone market when the company reports its fourth-quarter results in late February or early March.